Baptist Hospital - Gladys Stringfield Owen Education Center
2000 Church Street
Nashville, Tennessee 37236

Parking located on 21st and Patterson. If full, park in 21st Avenue Garage.
Baptist Hospital is conveniently located near Interstate 40. The hospital is bordered by West End Avenue, Charlotte Pike, 20th Avenue North and 21st Avenue North.
If you are traveling on I-65 Northbound or I-24 Westbound:
1) Follow signs to I-40 West.
2) Exit at Church Street/Charlotte Pike - exit 209A.
3) Go through first light (Church Street) and turn left at second light (Charlotte Pike)
(See below for directions from Charlotte).
If you are traveling on I-40 Eastbound:
1) Exit at Charlotte Pike - exit 209.
2) Turn right at the bottom of the exit ramp (See below for directions from Charlotte).
Directions from Charlotte Pike exit:
1) Proceed seven blocks west away from town.
2) Turn left onto 21st Avenue (a one-way street).
3) You will see the hospital two blocks ahead on your left. Parking is available on your right in the 21st Avenue Garage, just past the overhead crosswalk and directly across from the hospital.
Parking, which is free for both patients and visitors, is located primarily in the 21st Ave. Garage, located across from the Stringfield Building on 21st Ave. North at State Street. Additional parking is also available on 20th Avenue between State Street and Patterson Street. Both garages are labeled as "Visitor Parking." Baptist Hospital is a large facility. Please make a note to help you remember where you parked.


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